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Learning Is Fun!

Here are some pictures of  "Pioneer and Heritage Day."  during the Bogalusa Centennial Celebration.  We are planning new activities for this summer.  Stay tuned.


We love our necklaces!

We are shelling corn for the ducks.

Just my size!

I'd like to live in a village like this!

I am making a rug.

Paper Making Classes

Learning the process of making paper for art, crafts or utility will help Bogalusa area citizens understand the most enduring industry in our history - the papermaking industry which has been major in the life of the city since the early 1900's. Imagine the highly personalized stationery, scrapbooks, holiday decorations, home furnishings and more you can have fun making. Although the Museum Papermill has some of the finest quality equipment, you will also learn how to produce work at home.

Handmade paper is used to make hundreds of unique and beautiful articles such as lanterns, and other lighting fixtures, writing paper with matching envelopes with embedded flowers, etc., personalized book covers, embossed designs such as picture frames or mats, decorative boxes, painting with the heavy textures of colored pulp.

Papermakers recently successfully made beautiful translucent "papyrus" paper from vegetable slices that resulted in frameable "art". Students are encouraged to use the facilities of beater, press, dryer and moulds at the museum's Papermill studio.

We are not offering any classes at this time, but follow us on Facebook for information on upcoming classes.

Participate in a schedule of classes and lectures that help make history become alive. Learn crafts and art forms familiar to indigenous tribes and the area's settlers. Interests are varied and classes are designed to engage all age groups. Courses are not just to be demonstrations, but are intended to build actual skills in creating the utilitarian and decorative crafts that were vital to the lives of our ancestors and much admired even today.


Pine Needle Basket Making

Classes on the art of making pine needle baskets are offered during the year.  If you are interested in a class please email us a cpmuseums@gmail.com  .

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